About free time team

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About free time team

This manual is for program, version version.

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1 Author

Author: Jerry Zhou

Translation: Julie Zhu

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2 Free-time team introduction

Free-time team, referred to as Ft2 Team, is committed to be a global-class free educationcommunity.

Visit us online Official website: http://www.freetimeteam.org/ Forum backup address: http://bbs.5ichai.com/. When our official forum address is unavailable, you can try to visit the forum backup address.

About Us Our team, some are senior engineers from famous enterprises. Some are technical experts who submitted Patch for Linux kernel community and MySQL community.

Our aim is to make Free-time team contribute to word forever. The community should stick to following two principles First, no knowledge and technical barriers. Second, no commercial advertisements (friendly Links and LOGO of schools and enterprises are permitted). The community is in its fancy presently. Updated high quality patch and paper about Linux, kernel, MySQL, Security, Android, Crack, Soc Chip will be provided in the futher.

From 16th, Feb, 2017 to 28th, Feb, 2017. I pondered over death. People from birth to death, is mere nothing. Only the thoughts and spirits can pass from generation to generation. Our fathers, mothers, many are diligent, steadfast people. Free-time team is trying to inherit their beautiful thoughts and soul.

In my Wechat circle, there are two kinds of articles forwarded most presently . One is problem about Chinese Stratification and curing. The other is that programmers of 34 years old are going to lose their jobs. I scruples touching my old age, and uncompetitive Background. Felt worried.

I remembered that "Chuang-tzu > Qiwulun, just said “ It is fair to walk on the road, but things can never be together” . So no need to make any complains about the society. Our Free-time team will do our modest means to the education resources. At the beginning, we use the Minimum cost to make our team operate for two to three years.